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MST Performance Induction Kit Toyota GR Yaris 1.6 20+

MST Performance Induction Kit Toyota GR Yaris 1.6 20+

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If you are looking for a way to boost the performance of your Toyota GR Yaris 1.6 20+, you might want to consider installing an MST Performance Induction Kit. This kit consists of a black powdercoated heat shield and inlet pipe, a red pleated filter, a silicone joiner, and a full fitting kit. The kit is designed to improve the airflow and induction noise of your engine, resulting in improved throttle response and increased horsepower.

According to MST Performance, the kit can deliver up to 16bhp more than the stock air box. Additionally, you can also add a turbo inlet pipe to the kit, which will further enhance the responsiveness and power of your turbocharger. The turbo inlet pipe has a larger diameter than the factory pipe, reducing air flow restrictions. With both the induction kit and the turbo inlet pipe installed, you can expect to gain up to 23whp and 21nm of torque on a stage one tuned vehicle. The MST Performance Induction Kit and Turbo Elbow are easy to install and maintain, and will give your Toyota GR Yaris 1.6 20+ a more aggressive and sporty sound and feel.

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